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        Yichen floor will teach you how to purchase step one by one

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        Now on the market,there are various of floors, let people see things in a blur, how to let you choose their satisfied products in a short period of time? I'll give you a few faithful recommendations:

        1、Smell. Good plastic floor don't have the bad smell.No matter the smell is big or small, if you feel a pungent smell, it proves that isn't a qualified plastic.


        2Look. Look at the appearance of the product, such as the color degrees. Good plastic floor's color is bright and beautiful, unqualified is dim and dark. Sample block products in the plane position not drop naturally instead of curling, upturned, such products can’t be used as engineering.

        3Touch.The same block,if it is  enough weight,the production of plastic floor can give you a feeling with texture in hand,on.Cut corners in the production of the floor,if it is placed in the hands,you will feel it is light,no texture.

        4Folded.Whether you bent 360 degree or in the hands of "screw Hemp flowers",the good plastic floor won't be broken. Not only it won’t have obvious signs, but also it can spring-back is in place after the extrusion, the unqualified plastic floor is not up to this point

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