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        How to choose the plastic floor

        Writer:LiuNumber of visits: Date:2014-08-13 17:00:35

        There are various floors in market nowadays, and how to pick out satisfactory products in a short time.

        1. smell--The good plastic floor has no odor, no matter it is strong or weak. It is proven a unqualified plastic floor, if it has any pungent odor.

        2. observe--Look at its appearance, for exmple colour and lustre. The good plastic floor is colorful in colour and lestre, on the contrary, the unqualified is bleak.

        3. touch--The same floor, adequate production plastic floor is weighting in your hand.

        4.fold--The good plastic floor won't broken and no obvious trace, it will be reback the original place after extrusion.

        The aforesaid suggustions are for your reference, wish they are helpful for you.

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