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        How to prolong the PVC plastic floor’s service life in daily use?

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        No matter what materials on the ground as long as laying good later should be routine maintenance and maintenance,which can be certain to make a better use.What should we pay attention to the usage of PVC plastic flooring in daily life?

        First, if a little careless to take sand home, everybody may pay attention, sand for many floors will bring some damage, to shorten the life of the floor, the daily protection should pay attention to this point.You can put a piece of gravel protection mat in the use of PVC plastic floor room or researchers at the door of the hall, the cost is very low, beautify the door, also can prevent shoes will be gravel into the room will scratch the surface of the floor, which can shoot two hawks with one arrow

        Second, in the daily life it is inevitably that goods in and out, if you buy a furniture, if the shopping malls supermarkets sell something, so during the carriage of goods,you can make a slightly careful protection. What particular attention is don't drag objects with the favorable or sharp on the bottom on the floor when you buy or sell,in order to prevent the floor from being damaged.

        Third, that is the fireworks, the industry insiders know PVC plastic floor has a fire rating (B1),it belongs to the difficult combustion stage. But it does n’t represent the floor will not be burn by fireworks, so in our daily life, you can’t put these goods(such as: burning cigarette butts,mosquito repellent incense, cigarette butts, hot pot, electric iron such as high temperature, metal goods and feel hurt PVC plastic floor surface of everything) directly on the floor,in case of causing unnecessary harm.

        Fourth, PVC plastic floor needs to do a regular maintenance: Dur ring the PVC floor’s cleaning, use neutral detergent to clean, do not use strong acid or alkali can stimulate PVC plastic floor surface cleaning to clean the ground. Doing well the complete the regular PVC plastic floor’s cleaning and maintenance, which can prolong the service life of PVC plastic flooring

        Fifth, pollution treatment: if you are not careful stain the ink, food, greasy residue on PVC plastic floor , then we should promptly wipe decontamination on them, with diluted detergent scrub traces.Please attention,when the black leather shoes print residues on the PVC durable layer,it is available to use the pine scrub, not to pine fell on the floor to clean. Wipe out later,if there has time to wipe wax supply maintenance on the floor, the floor will be brighter.

        Note: Shijiazhuang Yichen plastic floor warmth to remind you: you can’t use the clean ball to wipe the floor; seeing the projections,you can’t use a knife to scrape; if meet the dirt,that can’t be cleaned  by conventional methods, please consult the relevant personage.Using the right method,can let PVC plastic flooring service you more longer. I wish the majority of PVC plastic floor’s users happiness!

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